How do I onboard players to our team?

   Step 1 - Players should download the free QuestaGame app and register (if they’re not already registered).

   Step 2 - Players should go to UniversityBioQuest.com and join their team

   Step 3 - Start playing, have fun, discover biodiversity. 

I’m a team (clan) owner. How do I communicate with my team, track their activity and invite new players?

If you’re a team (clan) owner, and your team has been assigned to your account, you should see your team (clan) here:


If you login and don’t see your team (clan), contact us so we can make sure your team is assigned to your account.

Any suggestions how to promote the University BioQuest to our staff, students and community?

You’ll find some promotional material here.

The hashtag is #UniBioQuest

Releases to local media and social media often generate a lot of activity. That said, each university is different. 

Is there a limit to the number of players who can join a team?

A team can have 100 people. If you’re concerned your team may be larger than this, please let us know. Ultimately, as you’ll see, teams that have high quality players - with a good knowledge of wildlife - often outscore larger teams.

Can our university have more than one team?

Yes. No reason why you can't have a team from your Biology School take on the team from the Sustainability Office. Bring on the healthy rivalry. Some university courses even include the University BioQuest as part of their course credit.

Do I have to be a member of the Science Faculty to start a team?

No. Anyone on campus can register a team if you can pay the participation fees. In the past we have had entries led by Student Groups, Education Faculty, Geography and Sustainability Offices. It could even be the Alumni or Administration or any other staff-led activity. 

Do I have to be a university student to play for a university team?

No. Faculty, staff, family members and alumni can play for your university team.

I’m an active QuestaGame player and a clan member. If I join a team (clan) to complete in the University BioQuest, can I remain in my existing clan?

QuestaGame only allows players to join one clan at a time. You will need to either leave your existing clan (a short-terms disloyalty which your teammates will hopefully understand), or you can create a new account.

If the clan is already affiliated with a university, it’s no problem for us to enrol it in the competition.

While submitting a sighting, what if I want to identify the species but can’t find it on the list?

QuestaGame has species from 50 countries, but sometimes there are gaps.

If you can’t find the species on the list, hit the “can’t find it” button and you can write it in manually. You’ll still get credit for it.

Who’s going to win this year?

You’ll have to talk to the odds makers. :-) There are more teams than ever, from more countries. So there’s likely to be some surprises. 

The great thing about the University BioQuest is that sometimes a small team, with a few highly skilled players, can overtake a much larger team. On the other hand, larger teams have the advantage of more eyes, more sightings and ID submissions.

The important thing is to have fun, be safe, and enjoy your discovery of biodiversity - which is important for all us.