Can I add more than 100 players to our team if we have a lot of people wanting to join the fun?

Yes. When you register, you can choose to allow for more than 100 players by adding additional packs of 50 players. Or if your team fills up as players join it, you can click return to this website, and click the 'Register Your Team' button on the homepage to pay for additional packs of 50 players.


Can our university have more than one team?

Yes. No reason why you can't have a team from your Biology School take on the team from the Sustainability Office. Bring on the healthy rivalry!


Do I have to be a member of the Science Faculty to start a team?

No. Anyone on campus can register a team if you can pay the participation fees. In the past we have had entries led by Student Groups, Education Faculty, Geography and Sustainability Offices. It could even be the Alumni or Administration or any other staff-led activity because you care about nature.


Do I have to be a university student to play for a university team?

No. Faculty, staff, family members and alumni can play for your university team.