Dr Kimberley Wilson

Lecturer in Science Education, Faculty of Education and Arts

Australian Catholic University

We implemented the program with our first year pre-service teachers studying the Early Childhood/Primary program.  The quest was a good fit for the first year science unit ‘Science, Inquiry and Sustainability’. We found out about the quest a little late in the proceedings so it was a bit rushed this year [2018], I would like to embed it more fully next year [2019] and incorporate some spotting activities within the tutorials for the unit.  I’d also like to engage with the local Citizen Science Association in order to better emphasize the role of citizen science in supporting scientific endeavours in the local and wider community (I have made contact with a local representative in order to make this happen in 2019). Overall, I think our students enjoyed participating in the University BioQuest, but there is more we can do to engage a wider range of students.

Danielle Northey, Australian Volunteer at the National Biodiversity Centre, Bhutan

We really weren't sure how our small Royal University of Bhutan team would go competing against universities from around the world but it would seem the Bhutanese are so ready for QuestaGame! They love their smart phones, social media and their incredible biodiversity and QuestaGame motivated them to share their pics and knowledge with the world. Personally, participating in the University BioQuest motivated me to closely observe the biodiversity in my surroundings and make contributions like never before. I set myself a little goal to reduce my ranking below 1000 and I easily exceeded that which was very satisfying. And I learnt so much about Bhutan's amazing biodiversity in the process while contributing to science.